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  • The lightest shoe in the trail range, focusing purely on minimalist performance. No midsole provides a low profile authentic barefoot feel. Three sticky rubber compounds varying in hardness give optimal wear and maximum grip on dry and loose trails. Standard fit suits those with wider feet and athletes using the product for long sessions.

    495,00 lei
    In stock
  • A performance-focused trail shoe offering minimal underfoot cushioning and a natural barefoot feel. Three sticky rubber compounds varying in hardness give optimal wear and maximum grip on dry and loose trails.

    585,00 lei
    In stock
  • Minimalist, highly breathable, fast draining neutral trail shoe perfect fo all levels of trail running and light road use.

    506,00 lei
    In stock
  • A lightweight and versatile trail shoe designed for maximum performance in both races and training. The reinforced toe box protects the foot and upper from any unexpected terrain. Designed for mixed terrain, deep cleated sole ensures grip in muddy conditions. Replaces the Roclite™ 285.

    540,00 lei
    In stock
  • All-purpose, tough and reliable. Ideal for long trail races and training and perfect for the beginner trail minimalist. Combines underfoot protection and comfort while also remaining light and supple with a versatile grip.

    540,00 lei
    In stock
  • Offering the most cushioning and protection in the trailroc™ range this shoe is suitable for high mileage training and racing. Three sticky rubber compounds varying in hardness give optimal wear and maximum grip on dry and loose trails.

    585,00 lei
    In stock
  • The INOV8 Trailroc 245 Trail Running Shoe features the ever-popular trailroc outsole. This 245g model provides a light shoe underfoot for increased speed and flexibility but still maintains a natural, form-fitting shoe. These offer a 3mm drop with slightly less cushioning than the Trailroc 245 keeping you closer to the ground.

    585,00 lei
    Available only by order
  • The Inov-8 Race Ultra 290 is a performance trail running shoe designed for a neutral foot motion, ideal for ultra racing and daily training.

    630,00 lei
    In stock
  • Very helpful when it comes to magnesium imbalance. This highly effective solution of magnesium ions (magnesia) contains 250 mg of magnesium combined with vitamin B6, with immediate effects. Liquid form ensures better absorption and the practical packaging allows you to have it always with you.

    4,24 lei
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  • An energy gel with gradual energy release. ENDUROSNACK contains a special form of carbohydrate – isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) is slowly absorbed and supplies huge amount of energy without any osmolality increase. It is suitable as energy supply during long-lasting physical performance. Practical packaging of energy for travels - allows closing the tubes...

    7,49 lei
    In stock
  • Perfect choice as energy supply during the long-lasting physical activity. An energy bar based on oat flakes, in which a carbohydrate component is represented by isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM), supplies great dose of gradually absorbable energy. The bar is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE combines delicious taste and needed...

    5,89 lei
    In stock
  • GUTAR ENERGY SHOT is the right product that will give you a kick for your oncoming performance and will eliminate any weariness. This product contains active ingredients such as natural caffeine, vitamin B6 (contributes to reduction of fatigue and exhaustion and supports proper energy metabolism) and natural herbal extracts from guarana, ginseng and green...

    6,69 lei
    In stock
  • Energy gel for quick energy supply during the sports performance with the addition of taurine and glycine. It is possible to use them together with sports drinks. CARBOSNACK is in a practical packaging of resealable tube.

    5,71 lei
    In stock
  • A protein bar of delicious taste drenched in chocolate or yoghurt coating. The bar contains 22 % of protein, cereals, and 10 vitamins. It also contains mixture of quality protein sources which provide gradual protein absorption and protein use.

    6,00 lei
    In stock
  • TURBOSNACK is a very immediate form of energy of liquid consistency. It is developed especially for the final phase of endurance performance when the body is already very exhausted. Then it contains synergistic active ingredients L-carnosine which helps improve endurance performance and strength, L-alanine, taurine, and caffeine which encourages vigilance...

    6,78 lei
    In stock
  • Muesli bar with the content of fibre, with the addition of 10 vitamins. The bar is based on selected cereals and fruits. It has juicy flavour, supplies energy and vitamins, and promotes your healthy lifestyle.

    3,00 lei
    In stock

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